Nursing Foundation Laboratory:
The Nursing Foundation lab is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in techniques of nursing and practice them in supervised setting. the lab provides good infrastructure facilities such as various types of advanced manikins, Infusion training arm, different types of articles and equipment, IM hand and CPR dummy for demonstration of nursing procedures.

Nutrition Laboratory:
Nutrition lab is equipped with all the facilities for the students to assess the nutritional needs & to prepare different menus for various diseases. this lab has the capacity to accommodate 50-60 students for their interactive training in nutrition.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory:
This lab consists of various equipments for the creative work of the students. The lab is fully equipped with community bags in which different articles are arranged to train the students in community health nursing. The students get rich community health experience under the guidance of teachers and supervisors at our Rural and Urban Community centers.

Maternal and Child Health Nursing Laboratory:
We have a full fledged maternal and child health nursing lab where students acquire realistic experience and develop the appropriate knowledge and skill.

Preclinical Science Laboratory:
Preclinical Science Laboratory includes Anotomy and Physiology labs. The Anatomy lab is equipped with various specimens which help the students to study and acquirein details the parts of human body. The Physiological processes ae being studied by the students before they are posted in clinical area.

Audiovisual Aid Room:
Students observe various samples, charts, parts and posters of body system. Students also learn the types of A.V. Aids which are being used during teaching / learning experience. Available Projected A.V.aids, LCD, OHP, slide projector, Television set with DVD player.

Computer Laboratory:
The lab is provided with internet facility which helps the students to get an opportunity to utilize it and explore their knowledge to complete with the current situation. There are total 40 computer units in lab.

Hostel Facilities:
Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls with mess and recreation facilities are available in the campus. Regular power supply with generator back-up and 24 hours hot and cold water is being provided in the hostel.